Engineering Case Study

The Client:

A large international manufacturer of heavy machinery and engines.

The Problem:

The Company managed its own archive in-house, however, retrieval was a real issue sometimes taking 3-4 days to locate a file. The client also had concerns about legal compliance and requested that Mitech Systems provide a document management service that would both streamline their processes and ensure that statutory regulations were adhered to.

The Solution:

Mitech Systems was tasked with taking custody of the client’s entire archive. All files were catalogued for ongoing rapid retrieval. All files for the current year were bulk scanned and uploaded to Mitech’s LiveVault repository. Ongoing, all files created are collected on a weekly basis and uploaded to the secure repository within 2 hours of receipt. The number of archive files digitised was limited by their budget so older files are requested and scanned immediately using Mitech’s Scan-on-Demand service, giving the client near immediate access even from the hard copy files.Three months after scanning the files, Mitech sends a destruction work order and, on receipt of signed copy, Mitech destroys the hard-copy records and provides the client with a destruction certificate in compliance with the Data protection Act 1998.

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