Pharmaceutical Case Study

The Client:

A large, international pharmaceutical company.

The Problem:

The client was using a mixture of onsite and offsite storage (with various providers). In order to remain cost-efficient and to manage their records in a more streamlined fashion, the client sought to centralise their archive by selecting one offsite storage provider. The client opted for Mitech Systems to fulfil this requirement.

The Solution:

Mitech has been engaged to manage the client’s large archive of various records. Clinical trial records, personnel files, marketing materials and finance records make up the bulk of the client’s archive. These records are catalogued appropriately and stored within Mitech’s secure facility. The client utilises the Scan-on-Demand service, as well as making regular requests for hard-copy documents to be delivered to or collected from their sites. Because of the secure nature of many of these records, the client chooses to have all records that had been requested using the Scan-on-Demand service to be uploaded to their secure 128-bit encryption repository where the relevant personnel could access them with the correct username and password combinations.

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