One of the first challenges facing knowledge workers who have been tasked with engaging a new document management provider is whether to opt to work with the market leader or to engage a smaller and possibly more local company. The latter option is often seen as more of a risk, but this may not necessarily be so…

Google. Every knowledge worker’s best friend. You have been tasked with finiding a document management provider. The office is filling up with documents.

Your colleagues are complaining that mission critical documents either cannot be found or are taking an unacceptably long time to find. Just the cost of storing the documents on your premises is making the MD’s eyes water.

So, it begins. Google search ‘document storage’. Now, we all know that you’re not going past page 1. Who does unless they have a really burning existential question about their very existence?.

This is NOT that situation. This is box storage. So top half of page 1 at a push.

First 2 positions are taken by the market leader.

Your instinct? Click, call, get a quote and satisfy the ever increasing number of people complaining about the state of your offices or your lack of ‘efficiency’ and ‘streamlined processes’.

Happy days. or is it?

For starters, there is something to be said for making a calculated decision based upon evidence and weighing the pros and cons, especially with a particularly important decision, like who to trust with your valuable corporate assets.

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