Airline Document Storage and Scanning

We offer a comprehensive set of vital information management and protection solutions, tailored for the complex and challenging needs of airlines and support industries.

Whether an aircraft is owned or leased, there is a massive amount of information to be precisely managed.

Hard copy paper files and documents, such as technical records; check packs; contracts and other ‘back to birth’ records which are critical within the supply chain for compliance can all be managed securely using our cost-effective, purpose-built secure document storage facility.

The information is barcoded and managed at file level which eliminates lost or mislaid files and provides a cost-effective alternative to trying to manage and protect these files in your own offices, or worse, your hangar.

Please visit out Document Storage and Mitech Total Recall™ pages for more information.

Electronic Maintenance Records

Mitech Systems has literally scanned millions of maintenance records including maintenance checks; technical records; AD’s and SB’s ensuring that the engineer’s stamp, where it appears, is clearly readable.

Mitech’s document scanning services can help you by converting the bulk of the information especially when purchasing older aircraft and, by using OCR technology any information printed on the documents becomes searchable too.

Our scanning service enables you to migrate more quickly to electronic information – without having to perform this intensive, critical work with your own staff.

If you have not yet begun your migration to electronic storage, we offer a range of turnkey systems to capture, manage and access any digital documents, email or business information using MS Live electronic records managment software which can be linked to any Windows based maintenance software you use.

Alternatively, you can use our Mitech PDFLive hosted service with 256 bit E-encryption  to view your information in a secure environment, anytime, anywhere without using your own infrastructure.

Please visit our cloud hosting page for more information.

Media Vault

Our media vault solutions can help protect your internal IT backup tapes and critical electronic information and files – or any computer media that needs to be protected in a highly managed and secure environment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organistaion implement a cost-effective, streamlined document management process.

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