Healthcare Industry Solutions

Mitech Systems has the solutions to help healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics achieve legal compliance while streamlining information handling and protecting the processing of confidential patient files and medical records.

Paper files and documents, such as patient files, are barcoded and managed at file level, which eliminates lost or mislaid files in a security controlled environment at our state-of-the-art secure document storage facility.

This provides a cost-effective alternative to trying to manage and protect these files in your own offices.

You can manage your inventory using our innovative Mitch LiveStore system.

Find out more about our Document Storage services here.

By using our hosting service, Mitech PDFLive, you can have all the documents relating to a particular patient, for example, in one place, ready to be accessed in seconds!

Please visit our cloud hosting page for more information.

At the end of retention periods, our confidential shredding service will securely destroy your documents onsite (with your permission, of course).

Once your records have been shredded and pulped, we then recycle the resulting material, adding an important element of corporate social responsibility by helping to preserve our environment.

You can visit our secure destruction page to find out more.

Electronic healthcare records

If you have already begun moving to digital information management with document or content management solutions, our document scanning services can help by converting the bulk of your information, while you manage the day-forward documentation.

This service enables you to migrate more quickly to an electronic document management platform, without having to perform this intensive, critical work with your own staff and equipment.

We can even export directly into your document management system, including Microsoft Sharepoint (or any other EDRM system) using your own indexing criteria and metadata conventions.

If you have not yet begun your migration to electronic storage, we offer a range of turnkey systems to capture, manage and access any digital documents, email or business information in a contemporary software solution.

Alternatively, you can use our Mitech PDFLive hosting document management software with 256 bit E-encryption.

This allows you to view your information in a secure environment, anytime, anywhere.

You can even add individual documents to an existing file directly from your desktop, so your files are always up to date.

Please visit our cloud hosting page for more information.

Media Vault

Our media vault solutions can help protect your internal IT backup tapes and critical electronic information and files – or any computer media that needs to be protected in a highly managed and secure environment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organistaion implement a cost-effective, streamlined document management process.

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