Legal Document Storage and Scanning

Paper files and documents, such as client files, are barcoded and managed at file level, which eliminates lost or mislaid files in a security controlled environment at our state-of-the-art secure document storage facility.

This provides a cost-effective alternative to trying to manage and protect these files in your own offices.

You can manage your inventory using our innovative Mitech LiveStore system.

Please visit out Document Storage and Mitech Total Recall™ pages for more information.

By using our hosting service, PDF Live, you can have all the documents relating to a particular case in one place, ready to be accessed in seconds!

Please visit our cloud hosting page for more information.

At the end of retention periods, our confidential shredding service will securely destroy your documents onsite (with your permission, of course).

Once your records have been shredded and pulped, we then recycle the resulting material, adding an important element of corporate social responsibility by helping to preserve our environment.

Visit our secure shredding page for more information.

Secure email

Mitech Systems is the only UK bureau with a Secure email address using the Criminal Justice System (CJSM) encrypted email service.

This gives criminal justice organisations and practitioners the confidence to send sensitive information via email. CJSM Secure eMail is a safe, efficient alternative to regular email, fax and post.

Secure eMail information is encrypted, so it can only be read by your intended recipient.

One in ten UK law firms has suffered breaches of digital security in the last 12 months and six per cent of UK law firms have lost clients, or damaged relationships, as a result of security breaches over the same period.

E-Bible Solutions

Mitech Systems can transform your paper-based legal files to an organised, structured format called e-Bibles.

e-Bibles link your contents list to a range of relevant documents using hyperlinks.

These, in turn, are electronically split, so each file is minute compared to the size of the whole bible.

This gives you near instant viewing of your images. The reduced file sizes also mean a section can be easily extracted for distribution.

e-Bibles can be further processed, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow you to search hundreds of pages of text in seconds.

The e-Bible can be burned to one or more CDs/DVDs for you and your client.

It can also be uploaded to your own server or document management software.

All e-Bibles conform to the BSI Code of Practice (BSI BIP 0008) ‘Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically’.

Litigation support

If your firm is the lead in a litigation case, accurate information capture is critical, as is the reconstitution of documents, once they have been scanned.

Our litigation support systems include additional security features, such as Bates numbering, date stamping and setting document properties, as well as a CSV or XML database to successfully import the image into your own software.

Alternatively, you can use our Mitech PDFLive hosting document management software with 256 bit E-encryption.

This allows you to view your information in a secure environment, anytime, anywhere.

You can even add individual documents to an existing file directly from your desktop, so your files are always up to date.

Please visit our cloud hosting page for more information.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organistaion implement a cost-effective, streamlined document management process. 

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