Document Scanning Solutions

Our document scanning service is an excellent way of creating digital, quickly accessible copies of your critical documents. We ensure that your documents are digitised in line with the current legal framework and are organised in a way that allows them to be recalled in an instant if necessary.

The Process

Our scanning experts will prepare your documents (removing staples, post-it notes and/or paperclips) and then scan them.

They will ensure that they create the best digital copy of each of your documents by altering the scanner settings accordingly.

Finally, your documents will be indexed as you require, ensuring you can find them in a matter of seconds.We can index manually, by utilising OCR (Optical Character Recognition) methods or by using a mixture of the two methods.

Quality Standards

Each one of your digital records will be checked at least 3 times throughout the process to ensure that full accuracy and integrity of scanned images is maintained.

All of our CDs are WORM (Write Once Read Many), which means they adhere to BSI BIP 0008 codes of practice.

This ensures that images or information cannot be overwritten or edited, which preserves the legal admissibility of your documents, should they need to be submitted as evidence.

Why Scan?

A recent report by the AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) found that knowledge workers spend on average 15-35% of their time searching for documents with only a 40% success rate! This translates into a 21% loss of productivity which results in a significant negative impact on the bottom line of your organisation.

By utilising Mitech Systems’ scanning service, these hefty costs can be negated, leaving your organisation to focus upon what’s important…the success of the business!

Accessing your documents couldn’t be easier, visit our Cloud Hosting and Accessing My Documents pages for more information.

Contact us today and we will provide you with FREE sample of our work, using your own documents.

While some clients are lucky enough to have pristine, staple-less, A4 sheets for scanning, we realise that most aren’t. It’s important to us that you see exactly what we can do FOR YOU!

So give us your documents, in any condition, and we will work our magic!

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