How Can I Manage and Access my Records?



Written to CD or DVD

You can have your documents saved to CD or DVD in your preferred format (pdf, tiff etc) and these can be password protected ensuring the security of your vital records.

Current EDM Integration

Alternatively, your documents can be uploaded and integrated with your in-house document management system, such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

Bespoke EDM Systems (MS Live)

Mitech Systems is also able to provide bespoke versions of our document management system;  MS Live. Whether you have hardcopy documents, digital documents or a mixture of both that need to be integrated into an EDM, we can help to streamline your processes.

Visit our MS Live page for more details.

Cloud Hosting (SaaS)

By using our secure cloud hosting service, you can have instant access to your documents on any computer at any location (as long as you have an internet connection!).

Only personnel equipped with the correct user name and password combinations will be able to access your documentation, giving you peace of mind that your documents are secure and accessible only by those with the correct level of clearance.

The enhanced functionality of Mitech PDFLive allows you to assign different levels of clearance for different departments, or even individuals.

Please visit our Cloud Hosting page for more information.


Finally, you may utilise our Scan-on-Demand service.

Should you require one or more of your documents, you simply place a request for it and it will be emailed to you within the hour.

We can do this using conventional email, secure email or by uploading to a fully encrypted, secure repository within which you can build up a repository of your documents.

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