Fixed Pricing



Tired of not understanding your invoices? Finding it hard to budget for your Document Management (DM) needs?

Charged seperately for:

    • Storage?
    • Collections?
    • Deliveries?
    • Scan to shelf?
    • Picks?
    • Handling?
    • Admin?
    • Fuel surcharge?

Do you find it difficult to budget for your document management projects due to complex menu pricing? You might find that as well as being charged for storage per box (or per cubic foot with some companies), you are also being charged for collections, cataloguing, deliveries, picking and handling of your records. Particularly if you are a multi-departmental organisation, it can be difficult to manage and, if necessary, cap costs as required.

It is for this reason that some clients prefer to have a fixed price which includes a certain number of services (collections, deliveries and Scan-on-Demands) per month. This type of pricing makes it easy to budget for your document management requirements on a yearly basis. Your monthly costs will be calculated on the basis of how many boxes you have in storage and how many services you will require per month. Then, every month, you will pay that cost. No more. No less.

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