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Online Account Management

Using secure web access allows you to manage your records 24 hours a day.  With Total Recall™ you can quickly search your inventory, schedule collections and deliveries, order supplies and request scan-on-demands.  You can also catalogue the contents of all of your boxes which are held centrally on our secure server.

Automated processes

Your requests are generated via the web. Work and service orders are then created automatically at Mitech Systems, reducing chances for error and streamlining processes.

Accurate Indexing Data

All index information for your containers and files can be added directly into Total Recall™.

You can enter details into user-defined fields and compare information online to eliminate data inconsistency.

Simplified Ordering

Easy-to-follow screens simplify the ordering of inventory and supplies as well as scheduling a pickup. All requests can be reviewed in your online shopping cart before finalising and orders can be placed at any time.


Database structures and indexing attributes are designed specifically for your needs.

Retention Scheduling

Your existing records retention schedule can be incorporated into Total Recall™ in order to comply with best practices, policies and regulatory requirements

Secure Access

Secure access is achieved using role-based privileges along with assigned user names and passwords. 128-bit encryption is also used to ensure the highest level of security over the Internet.

Group Security

Groups, created and controlled by the client administrator, only have access to departmental information specific to that group, ensuring confidentiality.

Immediate Access

Total Recall™ offers you immediate access to and control of your vital account information.

Integrated Report Writer

With our integrated report module, users can create reports online for immediate viewing and printing from their workstations.

No waiting for reports to be delivered from the records centre.

Application/System Security

Mitech Total Recall™ utilises of variety of tools to provide maximum security, such as 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure communication from the web site to the user’s browser. Users are also required to pass through a login screen to gain access to data. Domain blocking and/or IP blocking is also in place, assuring Total Recall™ is only being accessed from within the organisation, rather than an outside workstation.

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